About us

Hallo and welcome to Italians cook it better – by the way, the site’s name is just for fun… I won’t be talking about Italian food supremacy or anything!

My name is Paola, I’m a 30something Italian working mother of two, with a huge passion for food and cooking to the point where my shelves simply won’t fit even just one more cookbook or cooking tool.

Paola Cane
Hi there.

Even if my life doesn’t revolve around the kitchen, and my first morning question is not always “what do I prepare for lunch, today”, many of my beloved family memories are made and kept in the kitchen.

Though forged in the fiery ranks of marketing officers, lately I had to  rethink the outdated notion that corporate success is related to hard work, so I started thinking a bit more about myself and my beloved: cooking, blogging, cultivating, loving, running and being happier day by day.

I love changes.

More often than not, I get bored of the usual life… If it happens to stay three days in front of my beloved Mac, I feel the need to go to the country side, handle a hoe, drive my tractor, get my shoes muddy… But this, let’s face it, it’s not enough to say I am a country girl. I do not wear boots to go dancing, I hate pu leather bags, I would rather be suppressed than apply acrylic nails or wear circle earrings. So, I admit it, after two or tree days in the country side I need to see an underground station, to step into an elevator, and get stuck at the traffic light. 

There isn’t much more to add apart from the fact that yes, I’ve studied as a wine taster and yes, I’ve taken part in far too many cuisine courses and grape distillery classes and the such, and yes, everything I eat at the restaurant becomes a recipe in my head… but above all I consider cooking an act of love: it’s all about giving.

That’s basically why I need to share my kitchen experience with you.

So come along and let my great love for Italian food, ingredients, recipes, cooking techniques and tips be your guide.

You will cook and eat like an Italian!