Expo 2015 World Recipes & Italianscookitbetter

Italianscookitbetter has been selected by Expo Milan 2015 to contribute to the Expo 2015 World Recipes Book, the global and crowdsourced cookbook gathering the best traditional recipes from all over the world.

For Italianscookitbetter this is a unique opportunity to showcase content worldwide and take part to a one-off event for foodies all over the world.

Expo 2015 Word Recipes is a global online recipe book, both in English and Italian, built by a huge community of thousands of food professionals, media publishers, food bloggers, chefs and food organizations.

Moreover, the first opening week, Expo 2015 World Recipes has chosen italianscookitbetter as the best blog of the week. I Know that this may sound a little thing to you… But for me it’s an incredible fact, especially considering the thousand of professionals, publishers, chefs ext that contribute to this project.

When I received the new, and I discover myself on the front page of Expo 2015 World Recipes Newsletter, my very first happiness display was dancing around the kitchen with my kiddos…

After that, my second happiness activity is trumpeting my gratitude to Expo 2015 for the incredible award. My gratitude goest also to anyone that supported me in writing, running, conceiving this blog. You all know who you are, thank you guys!

Visit my profile as official World Recipes Contributor: Italianscookitbetter Expo Profile 

Or love and cook my recipes that, so far, have been included in the Expo 2015 World Recipes official collection: