Recipes with Lemon Juice

Blueberry pannacotta

In a bowl full of cold water, soften the gelatin sheets for 15 minutes. Gather in a large saucepan the double cream unwipped, the vanilla bean, cut longwise, milk and the confectioner’s sugar. Heat but avoid boiling. Squeeze the gelatin sheets and add to the warm cream. Stir well, until  it melts completely. Pour the […]

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Marinated steamed salmon

Season the fillets lightly on both sides with salt and pepper and set in a plate. In a medium bowl, whisk together the extra virgin olive oil, the lemon juice, the white wine, the vinegar, a teaspoon of salt, the teaspoon of fennel seeds, the dill finely chopped and pink pepper grains to taste; the […]

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cherry strudel cut in slice

Cherry Strudel

Easy to follow and delicious recipe. You’ll like to make this cherry strudel for an easy and unexpected occasion as it is a ton quicker than cherry pie. Cherry season is short and rich, so sometimes it’s a good option to freeze cherries for the winter. You can prepare this recipe also with frozen cherries.

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