Asparagus Soup

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Cut the woody ends of the asparagus, than peel the remaining end of each one, using a vegetable swivel peeler, or any potato peeler. This procedure is optional but will turn to be very useful as eliminates the risk of asparagus filament remnants in the soup, especially if you intend to blend the soup with and hand held mixer, instead of using a vegetable mill. There is nothing more unpleasant than a delightful soup with woody remnants.


Chop the white part of the leek, the asparagus, the onion, the potatoes, and place them into a large sauce pan or pressure cooker with extra virgin olive oil and let brown for five minutes. Then add some vegetable stock and cook for 30 minutes (15 if using a pressure cooker). By this moment vegetables will be tender.


Process soup until smooth and creamy using an hand held blender directly in the saucepan. If consistency is too liquid, let the soup reduce by cooking for other the minutes.

Season well with salt and pepper.


On a small pan, let the pancetta cubes brown in their own grease.


Ladle the soup into four or six bowls.

You can garnish this bright green soup with some asparagus tips and parmesan flakes.


In Italy the asparagus season runs from april until the beginning of summer. Its delicate aroma reminds me the taste of spring.

If you prefer you can reduce the amount of olive oil and substitute it with a little butter: it will help to smoothen the flavor of this delicious soup.

Traditionally asparagus require white wines: Alto Adige Gewùrztraminer will be excellent with any asparagus plate, from the asparagus pie to risotto, passing thought this delicate soup.

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  2. My spouse and i got very happy: Made this last night and everyone loved it. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

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