Chickpea tart farinata

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This recipe is really simple, but you’d better prepare the batter some hours before baking. If you have time, just prepare it the night before, and let set it in the refrigerator for an overnight.


put the chickpeas flour in a large mixing boxl, add salt and pepper, and the oil first. Mix energetically to get rid of any lumps. Start pouring the water, little by little, always mixing.

Let set for at least 2 hours, better for 6-8 hours.


Heat the oven at 250°C. Let it reach the desired temperature. Using a very hot oven is really important, so please be patient.


Mix the batter energetically before pouring it on the baking tray.  I use a round baking tray 40 cm diameter. If you have a different sized one, be aware that this tart has to be 3 inches tall… and that it does not rise up while baking.


Bake for 30 minutes, or until golden and crispy around the edges.

Serve hot or cold.


Chickpea tarts are very common in Italy.

In many regions we have different chickpea tarts called in many different ways: Farinata, Panissa, Panelle etc…

It is a very ancient food, that is still very popular as a street food or a smart appetizer. Although  ingredients are really poor and simple, this is really a fantastic dish, that is naturally gluten free and vegan.

There are some traditional variations over the theme, that consist on adding some dried rosemary to the batter, or to sprinkle the tart with cheese or ham.This tart comes out perfect if you use a huge, flat copper tin… In any case, you can use any baking tin, but remember that the farinata has to be really flat, so do not overfill the tin, otherwise it will never cook…teglia per farinata

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