Mint and peas soup

Mint and pea soup, garnished with freshly baked breadcrumbs and some peas
Preparation time
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In a large, heavy sauce pan (better if you are using a pressure cooker) heat the extra virgin olive oil and sauté the onions until softened. Add peas, potatoes and mint leaves and cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

Then add the vegetable stock and cook for 30 minutes (15 if using a pressure cooker). By this moment vegetables will be tender.




Take away a spoonful of peas for decorating. Process soup until  smooth and creamy using an hand held blender directly in the saucepan.  If consistency is too liquid, let the soup reduce by cooking for other 5-10 minutes.

Season well with salt and pepper, than add the fresly grated parmesan cheese and process a minute more: you will obtain a smooth and silky soup.



Ladle the soup into four or six bowls and garnish with freshly baked breadcrumbs and some peas.


Soups are my favorite confort food to keep me warm and cozy in winter time. This pea soup is great in spring too, especially if you just serve it warm, as a light and healthy starter. Some mint leaves will add a fresher touch.

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