Passatelli in broth

passatelli alla bolognese in brodo
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Warm the stock ant bring it to the boil.

In the meanwhile, knead all the ingredients together by hand (do not beat the egg and do not use a food processor, otherwise the egg will become fluffy and the dough will not have the right consistency). Passatelli dough has to be compact but nor hard: to make it simple, it has to have a kid’s play dough like consistency. If having problem with the mixture, simply add a tablespoon of breadcrumbs.



Put the dough little by little in a potato smasher or ricer. Press the dough to obtain short noodle-style pasta. Let the passatelli dry for 10-15 minutes. Usually as I am in a hurry I do not have time to let them dry, and nothing happens to my dish.

Put the dried passatelli into the boiling stock, lower the heat to a simmering point and let cook for 2 minutes.


It’s the third time I’m preparing passatelli, and it’s the third time I cannot take a decent photo of this plate. The reason is simple: as soon as I plate the food, my children scarf it down. I learned how to prepare passatelli during my 4 years stay in Bologna: before, I used to buy them ready made, but the discovery of how easy, inexpencive, simple and quick this recipe is was a revelation.

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