Pumpkin cheese fritters

Preparation time
Cooking time




Chop the pumpkin fled, or slice it julienne strips.

In a large bowl mix the all propose flour with 2 beaten eggs, stir well to get rid of all the flour lumps, then add all the other ingredients.


The mixture might look a bit unpromising at first, but keep going, you will end up eating delicious fritters.


In a large non stick pan, heat abound and oil to fry. When the oil is hot, scoop a tablespoon of mixture in the pan.

Cook for 2-3 minutes each side or until golden. Transfer to a paper towel to drain the exceeding oil and serve hot or warm.


While Halloween is all about the jack-o’-lanterns, you may be glad to discover how to use the pumpkin leftovers in a different way… this simple salty fritters recipe is just one of the ways to use the pumpkin flash in a very uncommon but tasty way.

I know that salty pumpkin fritters might sound freakish to many… but trust me, they’ll be a splendid discovery. On the other side, I might confess that I really dislike sweet recipes based on pumpkins… As a pumpkin farmer, I have to deal daily with many people that offer me pumpkin desserts, cakes, cookies and jams…

Despite what “The king of Asparagus” is trying to teach me with his agronomist delineations I have this “conviction” that pumpkins are veggies, not fruits… and I cannot appreciate pumpkin with sugar… Btw if you have a thunderous mambo jumbo recipe that you want to share, I’ll be more than glad to try it and express a sincere and open minded comment.

If you want to add a spicy touch you can add a pinch of curry powder or some dried garlic in the mixture. Personally, I find that garlic adds much to pumpkin flash, helping to get rid of the sweetish taste that many people dislike…


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