Stuffed Chillies in oil

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First of all wash and clean the cherry peppers. Trim the stem from each pepper with a small, sharp knife. Remove the stem, the top of the peppers and all the seeds carefully: please, don’t forget to use gloves when handling hot cherry peppers!


Combine tuna, capers and the anchovies in a medium mixing bowl.


Put the white vinegar, 2 liters of water, a tablespoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of sea salt into a large saucepan. Bring to a gentle boil, and when a sugar and salt are completely dissolved, boil the cherry peppers for about 2 minutes.


Drain the cherry peppers and let them cool off and dry completely.


Stuff each pepper with the tuna mixture. Don’t let any empty room inside the pepper, especially if you’re willing to store them in jars for some time.



Our cleanig-lady is a smart and energetic grand-ma from the south of Italy: she is all skins and bones, but has the strenght of the Incredible Hulk . As soon as she arrived to our home, she felt in love with us, and all the family felt in love with her. She cooks in a fantastic way and she often prepares hot and spicy tidbits for us! This recipe belongs to her.

As we became addicted to these cherry peppers, I learned how to meme them… In case we run out of them during the weekend…

You can enjoy these cherry peppers immediately, or store into jars where they can be preserved for months. If you want to store peppers in jars, don’t forget to sterilize the jars.

Sterilizing  jars is very useful to remove any bacteria, and will protect and preserve peppers  for months…

Place the stuffed peppers into jars and cover with enough olive oil to cover all the peppers and fill the jar. You can add some mint leaves in the jar or a garlic clove for extra taste!

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