Stuffed Polpettone

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Mix the ground meat, salt, pepper, the egg and the parmesan cheese in a wide bowl.

Set apart some meat mixture that will be useful to close the outer part of the polpettone later.

Preparing a Polpettone requires some attention while closing it without breaking it. In order to ease the rolling operation you’d better put a sheet of greaseproof paper on a wide chopping boar, and flatten out the meat over the paper, with a rolling pin. Lay on the meat a layer of prosciutto cotto than place on one side the spinach and the fontina cheese sticks. Starting from the side where spinach and cheese are, roll the meat, helping yourself with the grease proof paper.

At last, close the outer part of polpettone with the rest of the meat mixture. In this way cheese will not melt out during cooking.



Sauté the rosemary, sage and onion on extra virgin olive oil until onion is lightly golden, then add the polpettone and let it brown on both sides at high flame, paying attention when you turn it.

Add the frozen peas, a glass of white wine and cover the pan with a lid. Cook for 15-20 minutes at medium flame, stirring occasionally.



Slice the polpettone and serve it hot sided by peas.


Some people wrap it with microwave film and give it a boil for 5-6 minutes before passing it into the saucepan. I don’t, I do not now why. Maybe just because I’m trying to find the quicker ways to fix a proper dinner…

Polpettone it’s a simple and rustic recipe, possible of many variations: do not forget that originally it was a cheap meal, with poor meat on the outside stuffed with any kind of leftovers on the inside.

Up to me is a good way to get kids eat meat and spinach, as even the picky little eaters eating just about anything will love it.

Any kind of red wine will be perfect, in any case, stick to one basic red and preserve that super bottle of superior wine for greatest occasions, and appreciate a simple, light red wine.

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  1. Added a little extra Italian seasoning, a little red pepper flakes and garlic – delicious and easy!

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