Spring veggie risotto

Preparation time
Cooking time




Clean and cut the fresh vegetables in small pieces and sauté over medium heat in a large, heavy saucepan with extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic and salt for 4-5 minutes. Add the pancetta and the rice until each grain is well coated in oil and translucent.


Add the vegetable stock little by little, and the frozen vegetables, stirring constantly.




As soon as the rice absorbs the stock , add some more, little by little and keep stirring at light heat, until the rice is tender to the bite but slightly firm in the center. Don’t forget to check salt, but keep in mind that parmesan cheese will add extra salt.


The rice will cook in 15-18 minutes (look at the indications on the pack).

Once the rice is cooked, to have a smooth, oozy and creamy risotto, remove from the heat and add the butter and the parmesan cheese. Stir it energycally for a minute. This is the so called “mantecatura”: one of the most important procedures to do to have a perfect creamy but not sticky risotto.



I love presenting risotto using shaping rings. Put the ring in center of the dinner plate and fill it with rice. Serve hot.

It will be hard to believe this creamy and tasty risotto is made from some basic and inexpensive ingredients.

My recipe requires of certain veggies, but you can vary with many others veggies, adding the ones you have on hand.

In any case, it’s important you use Carnaroli or Arborio rice for a perfect consistency.

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