Choosing the right wine (french way)

many bottles of wine in a canteen

French tradition has elaborated ten rules to pair food and wine. It’s a kind of Decalogue to keep it simple, and avoid embarrassing pitfalls.


Fortified white wines do not match with red meat or game meat.


Structured red wines do not pair with seafood, especially shell fish.


If serving more than one wine at the same dinner, serve white wines first, than red ones, at last fortified ones.


Lighter wines must be offered before then heavier ones.


Wines often need a certain serving temperature, to get their best. If you have decided to serve more than one wine, serve the chilled ones first. If serving champagne you can break the rule and serve it at the end of the meal, with desserts.


Any course might require a different wine. That’s why, if you do not have a deal of money to spend, choose recipes the will go well with the same wine.


Consider seasonal situation. Reds are better in winter, whites are better in summer time.


Consider geographic origins and traditions. French food is better with French wine, Italian food with Italian wine.


Drink with moderation, drinking less implies that you can afford better wines, from time to time.


Never drink alone: man and wine glasses always need a companion!

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