You can plate it: food presenting secrets

food presenting you can plate it

Food presenting is so important: even if cooking for home purposes only.

When I started this blog I begin displaying my cookery works in order to make pictures of them. As you know,  I make photos my own, and I take picture of the food that I daily prepare for my family. Unfortunately time is not on my side… and sometimes I  prepare just one plate for display purposes and the other servings in a more rustic, familiar  way.

In these occasions, my kids quarrel for who will be eating the display plate. My older son is convinced that the display platter contains better food. And, to be sincere,  despite food is truly the same, I cannot disagree with him.

Eating it’s an experience for all the senses, and it’s so nice when we have the occasion to indulge on a plate with all the senses.

Presentation is so important, that even a young picky eater can feel the difference.

That’s why I highly suggest  you to care about presentation even when cooking for daily and familiar purpose only.

The simplest think to do is combine pates and food: it won’t take you took much but it will make a hack of a difference.

While doing that you have to take care of color, shape and size.


1 Color

When you prepare your plate of food for presenting, try to insert two or three colors. When you figured out what will be the food color, choose the plate.  I suggest you to start out by contrasts:

Dark colored plates and platters glamourize light delicate food.

At the opposite, a total white or monochrome  dinner plate can make the most of food in vibrant and vivid colors.

Personally I think that trimmed round plates  are easy to match and frame food in a perfect and simple way.


2 Materials

A rustic wooden board can be perfect to serve simple food, on condition that it is not too saucy, greasy, or oily. Another material you have to try is mirror… there’s nothing that gives a more dramatic effect than serving desserts over a mirror plate (but watch out for finger marks, mirror dishes are  deceptive!). Have a try, you will tell me, than.

3 Shape

Classic round dinner plates are evergreens, but do not underestimate the effect that a square, rectangular or oval dish can make out of your food. They are perfect to trill  modern food, and they always require some complementary sauce or side to let their light shine. I love irregular shapes, sugh as triangles, stylized leaves, odd  bowls and cups etc…


4 Size

Al last, you have to pay attention to portion size. Food size or quantity has to be well balanced with the size of your plate. Your experience and sense of style will help. The only think that I can suggest you is: in case of hesitation, whenever you have doubts go for the biggest plate, but pay attention to table size: your guest’s comfort must not be given up in any case.


The final suggestion is:


Use your taste and style to experience unconventional uses of china and glassware. You can serve sorbets on Champaign glasses, and cupcakes in coffee cups, but even in spare cups, old plates etc… Using your creativity you will multiply the applications of your pieces and dazzle your guest with astounding or funny solutions!

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