How to posh off Halloween left overs

Considering that Halloween is all about the Jack’o lanterns, the amount of pumping flash hanging around may be really huge. After getting tons of candies… it’s time to tighten our purses’ strings, and learn to make the most out of any source. Up to me there is nothing bothersome like wasting food, especially when we are talking about a wonderful, flashy, bright piece of pumpkin!

As many of you know, if in spring time we cultivate asparagus, in fall we cultivate pumpkins…

Pumpkin, for us is a true celebration of autumn: fresh, flashy, full of flavor  and juice. It’s a wonderful food that brings color and comfort to our rainy dinners.

Health experts and chefs both often say we should eat “seasonally,” and yes, eating  veggies from our own fields, we really accomplish the mission!

The best consequence is that we get the most tasting, healthiest, freshest food available, but -to be totally honest- pumpkins are usually big enough to prepare 2-3 meals and can be boring after a while.

That’s basically why I studied, prepared and savored many different recipes, combining pumpkins to many different ingredients, in order to get a wider variety of dishes in our menu. This is basically why I rose to myself the challenge of offering you a huge selection o recipes from the most inexpensive ingredient: your Halloween lanterns leftovers.

Here there are some new recipes to recycle your pumpkin flash and give it a new, incredible taste and shape. They all have more than a bit of Italian accent, from starter to dessert. You’ll just tell me none of these plates tastes like a leftover.

Here you have the list and the links of the recipes I suggest you:

Starters and soups:

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin and cheese fritters

Pumpkin and goat cheese soup

Pumpkin souffle

Pumpkin, garlic and rosemary soup

Pumpkin and cheese tart

Pasta and rice:

Pumpkin risotto

Pumpkin gnocchi


Roasted squash


Pumpkin cake

Pumpkin marmelade



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