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frying tips

With health consciousness up to this point, many people do not fry at all. Italian traditional cookery often requires deep fried cooking and let’s face it, it’s yummy and sometimes it’s just what we need.

He’s my how to in 10 steps. 

This decalogue is dedicated to my friend Maria Teresa, mother of 6 (oh yes, 6!) little ones. Here you go, my friend, even if there’s jus few I can teach you to you, Super Mamma!


1 1

Choose your cooking oil carefully: use oils with high smoking point as they can be heated to higher temperatures before being toxic (the smoke point is the temperature at which oil begins to decompose). Peanut oil, sunflower oil are some good choices. Extra virgin olive oil is good too, but it’s more expencive, especially for deep frying.


2 2

Choose a deep, heavy pan, better if no sticking. Avoid aluminum. Fill the pan with abundant oil and leave some place at the top, this allows a safety margin when oil bubbles up.

3 3

Keep water away from the hot oil. Make sure your food is dry. Let it sit on paper towels or coat it with flour or bread crumbs. A single drop of water can cause a little explosion!

4 4

Check is the oil is ready, before starting. Trow a breadcrumb in the oil: if it bubbles up, you are ready to start.

5 5

Use extra caution when deep frying: put the food gently on the pan, beware of splatters and spills: the can result in serious burns.

6 6

Do not low the heating over the oil while cooking, otherwise food will look flaccid and taste like boiled in grease! For the same reason make sure you do not add too much food at once: oil temperature will drop too much.

7 7

Leave a lot of space around each piece of food. It will cook evenly.

8 8

Watch the food carefully as it cooks. When it turns golden brown, it’s ready.

9 9

Remove food with a sieve with a long and safe handle and drop it into paper towels to drain.

10 10

If you need to fry for long, keep the ready food warm in the oven until you’re done.


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