Is Italian food budget friendly?

Italian food is considered to be sophisticate and expensive, but it is not. This is one of the worse misbelief about Italian food.

Nowadays money is always tight and we all need to save money. But we all ned to eat well and healty as well.

There are some consideration about how Italian food can be turned into a budget friendly occasion to eat well.


Pasta can cost few pennies and provides you a perfect healthy, nutritious and satisfying meal. A good pasta plate can be a one pot delicious course, you can try thousands of variety of condiments and it’s never repetitive. Moreover it will provide you a good amount of carbs (I know that some people avoid carbs like poison… but we all need carbs to go), that make you feel full, fed and comfortable for up to 4-5 hours. A real Italian cook would never be caught purchasing canned spaghetti or a pre-cooked pasta from the freezer section and neither should you: buy dried pasta and just do it in the traditional way: it’s easy (all Italians do it daily, and we are not all rocket scientist, not millionaire).


Despite the general belief, Italian cooking does not need outrageously expensive seasoning mixes or spices. In Italy there is nothing similar to the “Italian seasoning mix” so common in the USA, nor we use tomato paste to enrich the flavour. In many cases the so called Italian flavor is simply the product of a keen selection of fresh ingredients and a careful and right cooking time. For instance, the perfect Italian tomato sauce for spaghetti can be made with fresh or bottled tomatoes, onion, carrot, celery, sea salt and fresh basil. For an outstang result, don’t add anything else: the secret isn’t an expensive mix of salt, herbs and flavors, it’s just cooking time, that is around 3 hours.


Italian Cuisine is really various and versatile: one of the keys to cooking Italian, whiteout spending a huge amount of money, is using what you already have at home, instead of just buying more. So, try variations to your favorite recipe!


Italian cuisine is seasonal, so adjust your menu according to the season.
Buying what is in season will help to save a lot of money!
And it’s not only cheaper…this is healthier!


Store bought pasta sauces can be really expensive, but home made ones can be really easy to fix and cheap to prepare. Plus, you can cook in bulk prepare large amounts at one time and store  many ready made  portion for later.


Quality ingredients such as good meat cuts, orfresh fish can be more expensive than canned or freezes ones… But a good quality ingredient provides you best results and less waist! You’ll eat every oz with pleasure. And they not only taste better, they do make better to your heath!

Don’t forget that veggies are always in a daily Italian menu… they do not cost a lot and there are so many ways to cook them that you’ll never get bored… Moreover there are many ways to turn simple and cheap ingredients into impressive sides…

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