Organic Food or not?

As many of you may know… despite of my “real job” and academic studies that lead me totally away from the country side… I produce some veggies and either if I produce them for my personal use or to give away… I try to accomplish stringent standards.

Organic certification (in Italy is called BIO and stands under European Community law) is the public’s assurance that products have been grown and handled according to procedures without persistent toxic chemical inputs, hormones or pesticides.

Many people believe that organic food does not worth the money.

Some others, considering that in the developed world, sales of organic produce are growing rapidly, think that organic products are just a market oriented business.

Are these statements true or false?

1 Organic food taste better?

It’s not just common sense, it’s the simple truth. If you try an organic tomato, grew in open field, under the sun, and an OGM one, coming out from conventional farming,  you’ll taste the difference: the first will be  sweet and juicy, the second is simply watery! The best way to make sure of the existing difference is testing organic fruit and veggies with kiddos: they never lie… and they’ll be mad about fresh organic tomatoes, strawberries etc… They’ll like even a simple salad… just because it tastes great!


2 Is Organic food more expensive?

Yes, it can be…

It takes at least three years to convert a conventional field into an organic one, as the earth has to get rid of any trace of chemicals. It’s a long time, I know and it’s a long term choice that can cause many sacrifices in the short run…

Cultivating an organic field requires more manpower. Weeding without herbicides means spending a lot of time holding  hoes and haven backache every day… Time spent on the field is huge and plants can be exposed to many diseases that can spoilt the harvest…

3 Organic production reduces health risks?

By now there is a strong scientifically evidence of the fact that on the long run organic products are good for human health… Organic farming keeps harmful chemicals and pesticides out of the earth and out of the food we eat.

For sure it’s healthier, that’s it.

Here there is and article attached… give a look, it’s really interesting.

4 Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthier?

Organic farms benefit the farm workers who usually have high exposure to chemicals and synthetic pesticides. Organic farming keeps the environment cleaned and preserves waters.



5 Is Organic Food uglier?

Yes, sometimes it is. We planted two variety of asparagus to test the differente production. The first variety vas local, cultivated in organic way. The second one vas selected after many years of research to give consumer’s a green, tall and perfect veggy. We cultivate that in conventional way. The resul is just simple, the autoctone variety looks ugly. Asparagus are shorter and whiter, but for God’s sake they are superb in taste! The other ones are really good looking, but nothing to compare in taste…

Unfortunately at the beginning it was hard to convince buyers to purchase the organic and local variety. They just told us they wanted “top quality” and those veggies didn’t meet their standards. So I decided to donate 1 pound of asparagus to anyone that was perplexed about my ugly asparagus… It has been a success, believe me.

I really find crazy the fact that the pressure to look perfect has involved also vegetables!

Organic farming is better for the environment, better for business, better for health…

But still  many thinks have to be done to make it accessible to a large public.

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