Formal and informal table setting

simple table setting

Entertaining requires a comfortable and clean table setting, either you are formal or not.

You do not need a husband with a seven figure salary whose credid cards you love need then him, neither you have to buy a lot a cheap tableware and towels.

Choose clean and ironed tablecloth, tableware cutlery and glasses  according to your menu: if serving a lot of different course or wines do not set everything on the table: it could appear overcrowded.

Get out all the pieces  you need ahead of time and store everything on a sideboard: you will add them to the table as soon as you need them.

I always prefer simple and pragmatic solutions: sometimes a single flower, a candle, a bow around napkins or even some stones or shells can make a huge difference. Use your fantasy, or work around a simple theme, a seasonal fruit or flower or a color. Recycle old wine bottles or old glass pots to set original candle holder, or use with fantasy whatever you have at home. Follow just the simple “3” rule: when decorating never display objects in couple of, but just add the third: group three candel holder or tree stones or tree flowers etc… It will make a huge difference, you’ll see.

In any case, while setting the table do not be obsessed by the number of pieces of cutlery, glassware and tableware you need to show off, consider that the table has to be comfortable for your guests. Allow enough room between each setting.


simple xmas table setting

formal table setting
formal table setting

And if you are going to give a formal dinner party to your husband boss (hoping he will be alble to earn a seven figure salary, sooner or later) you can follow the image guidelines are for formal setting: you can omit pieces depending on your menu, on or your personal preferences.

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